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Expert Wild Game Processing

You can also have your wild game processed here at Uvalde Meat Market & Processing. You will always get your meat, that you have brought to us, back in an efficient time frame. It takes a little extra time and paperwork at drop off, but we want you to get back what you brought to us. We never mix your meat! We will take whole carcasses with the hide on or quartered meat either bonein or boneless. However, you bring it ‐ we will take it! Please click for
Wild Game Processing Pricing.

Additionally, we offer processing of wild game all-year round.  

Unsure when hunting season begins and ends this year?  Visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website or contact us at 830-278-6247.

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You always get your meat back that you brought in 

Hunters for the Hungry
It takes a little extra time and paperwork but we want you to get back what you brought to us. We never mix your meat!  
 Try to accommodate every hunters wants and needs
 Rather it be the timeframe they need their processing back
 To making Grandpa Pappy’s sausage recipe that you had as a child 
 We will take whole carcasses with the hide on or quartered meat either bone-in or boneless 
However you bring it – we will take it!  

 If you decide that you rather donate the meat then all you have to do is let us know and we will gladly donate your deer to the Hunters for the Hungry Program that Uvalde Meat has been a part of for over 15 years.

Hunters contribute their field dressed deer at a $40.00 charge per animal and Uvalde Meat will pick up the rest. (does not include caping)
Tax write off for your donation 
 No limit as to how many you can donate 

Hunting from out of state?  

No worries, we can take care of all your shipping needs and/or arrange for your cape to be sent the taxidermist of your choice – just tell us this information at drop off. 

We will take care of you from start to finish. Your final product will be vacuum packed and ready for your freezer!

Jackowski Family Recipe 

Our sausage blend is made from a recipe that's been in the Jackowski family for over 50 years.  We only use 40% of pork trimmings to 60% venison.  There is a 10 lb minimum on all sausages we sell.  Additionally, our other must-try meats include our German-smoked link jalapeño and cheese and bacon-wrapped backstrap steaks. 

Looking for something different to mix with your wild game hamburger?  We suggest:
Percentage amount
  • Bacon 30%
  • Sirloin 30%
  • Brisket 50%
  • Beef tallow 10%
  • Pork tallow 10%
  • Jalapeños 25%

Types of Mounts

We do the caping, to cut the hide and the head however you want it mounted, before it's sent to the taxidermist.  Please see the gallery below of some of the types of mounts that are available when you drop-off your game.
Mission is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in Texas by distributing donated venison to communities in need.
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