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The History of  Uvalde Meat

The History of Uvalde Meat

The story that has been passed down through the years!

Late 1948 -1959 (11 years)
Thompson Packing Co. 
Owner – J. Oscar Thompson – slaughter house came first.
1960 - 1961 
Ben Bennett
Bennett Ben H. Packing Co. 

1961 - 1964 (3 years)
R. A. Rogers Jr. 
Rogers Packing Co. 
Built the meat market across the street from the slaughter house.

1965 - 1988 (23 years) 
Shaw WM Carroll
Shaw’s Uvalde Meat Processing Plant 
Started across the street in the original meat market, but then built the market that we know today at 508 S Wood St.

Date of New Meat Market (attached to slaughter house): 1973
This is the current building and location that the meat market is today. This allowed the animals to just be rolled into the cooler from the slaughter floor instead of having to carry a hindquarter across the street for processing.

November 1, 1988 (opening day of deer season) - Current: (28 years) 
Patrick and Gail Jackowski purchased Uvalde Meat from John Carrol and Evelyn Shaw.
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Pat and Gail Jackowski’s Story

 Sold everything and packed the entire family up & moved to Uvalde from Houston. - Pat has always been a hunter and has always hunted in this area. - They are proud to call Uvalde their home.  Built a business on hard work, dedication, customer service and quality of the product. - When Pat gives you his word then he will follow through: o This is what keeps customer coming back year after year, and  continues to grow year after year.  50 years making the same family recipe which started in our garage.  God was the foundation that made it all work. Key to Success: Making Customers feel like they are family while providing a professional service  is - Getting to know the customers.  Quality Control: Important element consistently good product  and   Doing it the way the customer wants it. 

Hard work and dedication has paid off
o Pat and Gail took over Opening Day of Deer Season in 1988
o Busiest time of the year
o They were processing about 100 deer per season and now we process 5,000+
o Goal is to grow every year you are in business

- Pat and Gail have three children or which Karen and Mark Jackowski currently work for the company

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