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Our Shipping Information

Affordable Shipping Around the Country

 All customers will be contacted prior to shipping to ensure someone will be home and you are not on a vacation.

 All orders are shipping via Fedex.o Within the State of Texas orders a shipped ground.o Out of the State orders are shipped Express Saver or 2nd Day.Overnight is available upon request.

 Orders are shipped Monday – Wednesday to ensure your package arrives before the weekend and not in a warehouse.

 Perishable items are shipped frozen in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice.

 In order to ship your product, you will need to provide a physical address either to your home or office (no PO box) and provide credit card information so we will be able to process your payment.o Your receipt will be sent to you in the mail unless otherwise requested. Might be a good place to put our forms of payment.


Side note about Dry Ice

 Uses: When being used for freezing purposes 
 Place dry ice on top of items to be frozen with an insulating material in between
 If freezing trophy game do not allow direct contact with trophy – may freezer burn. 
 5-7 lbs of dry ice will keep 2 lbs of frozen food cold for 24 hours 

Length of time dry ice will keep:
  • 5-7 lbs will keep 18 to 24 hours
  • 8-12 lbs will keep 24 to 28 hours
  • 13-20 lbs will keep 48 to 60 hours
Dry ice always needs to be stored in an airtight cooler, not in your freezer, to avoid evaporation. 
Safety – avoid direct contact with your hand .
 Always use tongs or a towel – it can burn skin if contact is made for more than 10 seconds.   

Information We Need

In order to ship your product, you will need to provide a physical address (no P.O. boxes) as well as your credit card information to process.  We will send you a receipt in the mail unless otherwise requested. 
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