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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Jackowski….

Address all the health-related questions based on what is in our spices that we use to make different sausages-smoked, summer, dry, pan, buck sticks, jerky

How much meat fits in the average freezer?  
The average home freezer has 5.81 cubic feet of freezer space which, when packed solid, can hold 203 pounds of meat.   Since 35 pounds of meat will fit into one cubic foot, a 20-pound shipment is very small - only about the size of a boot box.  . A 20-pound order of meat only takes up 10% of the freezer space in an average home refrigerator
How much meat do I need to serve the guests at my party?
You figure on average, 8oz per person (1/2 lb) .
Ex: If you plan to have 50 guest then you would need 25lbs of meat
Raw meat
How much menudo do I need for my party?
 You figure a LB per person for menudo 
Ex: If you have 20 people coming then you would need 20 lb of menudo 

Meat cutting
Can you tell me more about your dry products?
  • Jerky – Keep refrigerated or frozen, the product will mold because we do not use potassium sorbate.
  • Summer Sausage – Does need to be refrigerated, this is a fully cooked product.  Does contain MSG, but no gluten is added.
  • Smoked Sausage –– Not a fully cooked product so it still needs to be cooked for 15 more minutes on the grill over indirect heat so casing does not break.Product does contact MSG and No Gluten is added. MSG free is offered for this product but that would have to be communicated at the time of order 
What type of casing is used to make your Smoked Link Sausage?
All-natural fresh pork casing.
How do you cook your Smoke Sausage?  Our Smoked Linked Sausage is not fully cooked.
Place the sausage on the grill over indirect heat for about 15 minutes.  The key is to cook slow and not break the casing.  
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